WuTang China Trip 2006

"We climbed lots of mountains, saw lots of temples, and won some medals!" - Carol

August 12 - fly to Guangzhou

August 13 - Arrive Guangzhou

Monday, August 14 - Guangzhou
Liuhua Lake Park in the morning
Then Chen Family Ancestral Temple:

Yue Xie Xin Hui Park with famous 5 rams statue from a local legend which symbolizes the region:

City Museum and City Wall with old Chinese and German-made cannons:

Tuesday, August 15 - Guilin

1st mountain: Climbed Fu Bo Shan
Went down into Returning Pearl Cave and Thousand Buddha Cave:

2nd mountain: Climbed Folded Brocade Mountain to Bright Moon Peak and went into Windy Cave
Visited Reed Flute Cave and Elephant Mountain:

Wednesday, August 16

Went to Shaolin Temple in the Songshan Moutain Range:

Went to White Horse Temple (Bai Ma Si):

Thursday, August 17 - Luoyang
Saw Guanlin (Gen. Guan Yu's Temple and tomb):

and then Longmen Caves:

Friday, August 18 - arrive in Qingdao
Had lunch with Zhang Wei Fu
Explored the old Governor's Mansion

Saturday, August 19 - Qingdao

Visited the old German Command Center on Qingdao Hill
Took the Tsing Tao brewery tour
Marched in the Opening Ceremony for the tournament

Sunday, August 20 - Qingdao

Monday, August 21

Bai Mai Springs Park, former home of Li Qingzhao- saw calligraphy:

Dinner with Master Yang's family - got calligraphy, 3 pieces and a book:

from the famous artist, Yue Zuoquan [website]

Tuesday, August 22 - Jinan
Confucius Temple and Family Mansion:

Got more calligraphy

Wednesday, August 23 - Beijing
Silk Market
Pearl Market
Noodle Restaurant for lunch
Temple of Heaven (Tian Tan):

Thursday, August 24 - Beijing
Toured Summer Palace or Great Wall
Met with Ma Long
Walked through the Beijing Grand View Gardens:

King William was carried

Friday, August 25 - Beijing
Met with Master Su's group and took the bus with his crew of 16 to the Silk Market
Walked around Tiananmen Square and the Imperial Palace
For dinner we went to The Hard Rock Cafe,

bought T-shirts, and took pictures with Elvis' bike:

Hard Rock Cafe Beijing's website says:
"Come worship at our temple. The Hard Rock Beijing accepts all faiths."

There was a live band, "Nightshift", who played Sweet Home Alabama, Proud Mary, Black Betty and Meatloaf's "I Would Do Anything For Love".

August 26 - Leave Beijing