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Yang Style Taiji Quan

Yang Style
32 Movement Form and Conditioning Exercises
on DVD

plus a bonus DVD with single moving postures,
Yang Style 45 and 64 Movement Forms!

This 2 DVD set features Yang style Taiji carefully demonstrated by Master Yang with multiple views and grand scenery. The entire 32 movement form is shown along with foundational exercises, breathing exercises (Qigong) and all the basic stances. The second disc includes single moving exercises and two additional forms.

2 DVD set only $65 plus S&H

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Baji DVD vol. 1

Bajiquan Foundational Training
on DVD

This 2 DVD set features Wu Tang Bajiquan expertly demonstrated by Master Yang with multiple views.

These are the first in a series documenting Wu Tang martial arts as taught to Master Tony Yang by Grandmaster Liu Yunqiao. Keep watching for more...