Master Yang's Upcoming Seminars include:

New Mexico : Baji / Pigua and Northern Praying Mantis!

Master Yang will be judging and giving a Masters' Demonstration at the Desert Dragon Chinese Martial Arts Tournament in Albuquerque, New Mexico January 16-18 2004. He will also be giving a seminar on the Baji/Piqua Combination Form at the tournament. This is a rather advanced set from the Baji system known for it's aggressive close quarter effectiveness. A rare opportunity to learn traditional Baji from one of GM Liu Yun Qiao's top disciples!

Also, on Monday January 19, 2004 (holiday) Master Yang will be offering a one day Praying Mantis combat applications seminar at the Three Harmonies Chinese Martial Arts Center. This will cover applications from the Beng Bu form, but prior knowledge of the form or Praying Mantis is NOT required. Praying Mantis is known for it's unrelenting attacks, and unforgiving nature so these techniques will blend nicely with any stylist regardless of experience. The details (times, cost, etc.) are still being worked out, but this will be a special treat for any of those visiting from out of town for the tournament, and a great chance to meet and train with one of Wu Tan's best!

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For more information on Master Yang's Mantis Seminar contact Jake Burroughs at
Three Harmonies Chinese Martial Arts Center
Albuquerque, N M.
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