Qi Lutian

A rare opportunity to learn from one of the world's best

Qi Lutian, a great master of Chinese martial arts has agreed to come teach Taijiquan.

From Qinhuangdao China, where she is the city's taiji club Vice-Chairman,
she is a master of both Chen Style Taiji and Wu Style Taijiquan.

In 2005 she was the National Wushu traditional Taijiquan Wu Style Taijiquan Championship champion.

Since 2002, she has attended at the World Traditional Wushu
Festival, the Hong Kong International Wushu Festival, the Yongnian International
Taijiquan Exchange Competition, and the National Wushu Taijiquan Championship.
She has competed at the National Taijiquan Exchange Competition and the Hebei
Wushu Taijiquan Championships among others and has won a total of more than 41
gold, 11 silver medals and two bronze medals!

In 2006, she was appointed to the Wushu
Administration Center of Hebei Province as Wushu Team taiji instructor. She has taught and
rigorously trained athletes for the National Museum School Wushu Competition, the National
Wushu Taijiquan Championships, and the Handan International Wushu Taijiquan Exchange

Qi Lutian is both modest and prudent, and takes her martial arts cultivation
seriously. She is dedicated to Taiji culture and its dissemination. Ever-willing to promote the Taiji
culture and determined to work hard doing so.


Qi Lutian
who amazed us all last year with her performance in the Masters demonstration exhibiting grace, strength, and phenominal flexibility will be offering two special seminars this year. The two traditional Wu style taiji seminars include:

Wu style Taijiquan for $100 which includes a DVD and

Wu style Taijiquan sword for $100 which also includes a DVD

Seminars will be held Friday evening 6 - 8:30 PM (open hand) and Sunday morning 9 - 11:30 AM (sword)


Take this rare opportunity to learn Taiji from a true Taiji Master!