August 4-16, 2010

DAY 1 Shanghai - World Expo sightseeing, then dinner with Baji Men

DAY 2 Shanghai - World Expo sightseeing, then dinner with Master Yang's brother at Kublai Khan hotpot

Sri Lanka

Coiled dragon fountain outside Thailand

Anthony with mascot Haibao

DAY 3 Zhu Jia Jiao (an ancient water town)- sightseeing and shopping

DAY 4 Shanghai - World Financial Center and the Bund, then night train to Jinan

DAY 5 Jinan - Jinan Springs and Da Ming Lake, then Anthony trained whip chain with Masters Wong and Tan, then high speed train to Beijing (243 kph)

CLICK HERE for whipchain MOVIE


Jinan Springs

DAY 6 Beijing - Tian An Men Square and Forbidden City, then train to Qinghuangdao and dinner with Vice-Mayor Li

DAY 7 Qinghuangdao - Taiji demonstration then sightseeing in 2 parks: Ocean-side and Olympic parks, then dinner with Ma Long


DAY 8 Qinghuangdao - Great Wall Old Dragon's Head and First Pass then dinner buffet at the hotel

origin of the Great Wall, the Old Dragon's Head

DAY 9 Qinghuangdao - 10 am train to Beijing shopping at the Silk Market, then dinner with Ma Long followed by the night market at Wang Fu Jing

Zhou Lianyu - calligrapher extraordinaire

CLICK HERE for calligraphy MOVIE

DAY 10 Beijing - Temple of Heaven, lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe and a little Wang Fu Jing shopping before the flight to Shanghai

Taiji class in the Temple of Heaven park

Professor gives us a Chinese lesson

Professor and Anthony

DAY 11 Flight home