Zhang Maochang (Mark Zhang)

A special opportunity to learn from a Praying Mantis Master

Mark Zhang, a Taiji Meihua Praying Mantis master has agreed to teach Taiji Meihua Style.

From Qingdao China, where he is currently vice-chairman of the Qingdao Taiji Meihua Praying Mantis Martial Arts Center, Sifu Zhang is a
9th generation direct descendent praying mantis kungfu master. He is President and head coach of the Chinese Wushu Association, an International martial arts referee, and an instructor at both the WuTang Center and Asian Martial Arts Inc.

He began learning praying mantis at an early age from his father and throughout his life has
consistently won numerous mantis and sword competitions in the US and China.

Mark Zhang's mantis is both fast and ferocious with such speed and strength, he is known as Lightning Hands Zhang.


Sifu Zhang
who has amazed us with his Face-Changing performances will be offering a seminar in Taiji Meihua Praying Mantis. Also known as Plum Blossom Praying Mantis, Meihua is one of the oldest Northern Praying Mantis styles.

Taiji Meihua Praying Mantis seminar for $40 including Mark's book.


Take this special opportunity to learn from a Taiji Meihua Praying Mantis Master!